The Story behind the Cover

When we were reading submissions for Fantasy for the Throne, I (Tom) found the format catching. I therefore wrote the story below and sent it along to the publisher, who showed it to te artist, who then… You saw the result on the opening screen!   A Dragon in Waiting Dragons are hard to find. […]

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Who Needs Education?

  WHO NEEDS EDUCATION? Tom Easton Professor of Science (ret.)   When I went to college back in the sixties, the dominant paradigm was still liberal arts education. The idea was that the student should learn to learn, learn to think, and get a decent grounding across the breadth of human knowledge with courses in […]

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Maintaining a Consumer Economy

MAINTAINING A CONSUMER ECONOMY Tom Easton Professor of Science (ret.)   Any economy has a number of components. Consumers buy stuff—food, furniture, clothes, electronic devices, appliances, cars, houses—for their own use. Businesses buy stuff—raw materials, manufacturing equipment, buildings, advertising—that they need in order to provide products to other businesses, government, and of course consumers. Government […]

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WHO WILL WE BE? Tom Easton Professor of Science (ret.)   When you meet someone, it doesn’t take long for the conversation to turn to “What do you do?” In other words, who are you? And you say you are a lawyer, a student, a plumber, a Marine Lieutenant, an animal rights activist, or maybe […]



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