Would You Believe?

It was recently revealed that Presidential aspirant and Florida governor Ron DeSantis is a majority stockholder in Jacksonville-based Kissy-Missy, Inc. Many Florida state officials and legislators have also bought stock in the company, as have a number of conservative religious leaders. Kissy-Missy is named for the new libido-boosting drug, kisspeptin, which the company is incorporating […]

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Blogging without Registering

When I first saw (on FacePlant) this denial of First Amendment rights, I thought it had to be a joke from a Russian bot. After all, it’s just the sort of thing a Russian dictator would want! But it’s real! See https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/florida-bill-require-bloggers-write-governor-legislators-register-stat-rcna73191 . So now we know–the Florida GQP is Russian agents. And I am […]

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