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When the Russians start an undeclared war to bring down the West with assassinations and disinformation attacks, the CIA reactivates a psychic agent from its old Project Stargate to fight off the attacks. Together with agents who once worked for Russia, France, and Mexico—plus a couple of youngsters—he brings the secret war to a blazing conclusion!

“What a great page-turner! Mind-reading spies have to stop a gang of assassins before they’re stopped themselves. Tom Easton and Frank Wu have written my favorite kind of story, one that grabs me and takes me on a surprising roller-coaster ride that doesn’t stop until the last page. I want more!” — David Gerrold

“A great example of the subgenre I call ‘sci-spy,’ the fusion of present-day science fiction and modern spy adventure, but it’s more than that. It’s also about an exotic form of espionage that (if certain sources are to be believed) is more actual than you might expect. This is fiction, yes, but it’s rooted in some very strange and (possibly) very real things.” — Allen Steele

“A fast-paced spy thriller for the new cold war.” — Jay Werkheiser

“A quick and thought-provoking read.” — Steve Miller, Skylark Award winning co-author of the Liaden Universe® series

About the Authors:

Tom Easton has been publishing science fiction and fantasy since the 1970s and spent 30 years as Analog’s book columnist. His latest nonfiction book is Destinies: Issues to Shape Our Future (B Cubed Press, 2020).

Frank Wu is a Hugo-winning artist and Analog favorite writer. He is also a biotech patent agent and had a small role in developing vaccines and tests for COVID-19.

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