The Simulation vs. Murphy

The more I think about the simulation hypothesis, the less likely I think it is. Sure, it’s cool as can be to think that our distant descendants might create a gigantic computer simulation to replay their past, meaning us. There are even reasons why they might want to do it–ancestor worship, the study of history, […]

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Fighting Infections with mRNA

Messenger RNA (mRNA) has proved its mettle. The media are already hinting that it could be useful for more things than Covid-19 vaccines. They aren’t saying any more than that, perhaps because companies such as Pfizer or Moderna are holding their cards close to their vests. But we can make some educated guesses. It has […]

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Electronic Tattoos?

Years ago, I wrote a story about electronic tattoos that could be programmed and even hacked. “Hacking the Skin Trade” (see below) never sold, perhaps because it was just too unbelievable. But now the gizmo is coming to a tooshop near you! Go figure! HACKING THE SKIN TRADE “Give me that, you little bastard!” […]

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Who Wants a Lie-Detector App?

In A. E. Van Vogt’s The World of Null-A (1945), every room featured a wall-mounted device that would, when queried, say whether someone was lying. That sounds rather like a nifty add-on for Alexa, doesn’t it? But… Wall-mounted? Or table-sitting? When we have smart-phones loaded with apps to do all sorts of things? Why not […]

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Want Fries with Those Celebrity Nuggets?

My latest book– Destinies: Issues to Shape Our Future—came out in July from B Cubed Press. In it, I discussed (among other things) the prospects for lab-grown meat.  The idea goes back to 1912, when Alexis Carrel started “tissue cultures” using heart cells from a chick. The cultures lasted until 1946 ( It was not […]

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Doxxing Trump

They tried hard to hush the story up at the time, but we were all using our phones to record directly to the Cloud, where our front desks got it instantly. President Trump was holding a press conference in the Oval Office. The White House had promised it was BIG news that would guarantee the […]

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Tom’s Solo Work

Tom’s Fiction Work GMO FUTURE–multiple novels and shorts.  LOVE SONGS AND UFOS–multiple novels and shorts. Tom’s Recent Non-Fiction Work Destinies: Issues to Shape Our Future Taking Sides (Environmental Issues) Taking Sides (Science, Techology, & Society)

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Paper Djinn

There’s a new magazine out there–Paper Djinn Magazine ( Free to subscribe, and it will show up monthly in your inbox. And they’ve just taken a story of mine. I finished it the morning of July 4, sent it in, and had the acceptance after lunch. Woo! The story is “Djinn Zoo,” one in a […]

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