New Novel!

ESPionage: Regime Change. Order now at When the Russians start an undeclared war to bring down the West with assassinations and disinformation attacks, the CIA reactivates a psychic agent from its old Project Stargate to fight off the attacks. Together with agents who once worked for Russia, France, and Mexico—plus a couple of youngsters—he […]

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Weaponized Genealogy

Woodcutters know that occasionally a whole tree can land on your head. Clonk! So can family trees. A lot of people found that out when the 2030 GOP platform declared war on anchor babies and marriages of convenience. Only the descendants of documented immigrants should be United States citizens. A “one bad apple” clause even […]

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The Nature of Intelligence

Many years ago, another writer asked me for help in describing an alien intelligence. Being a theoretical biologist (which means a generalist), I was game. According to some reports I had recently read, intelligence was a product of a brain with multiple modules, each one specializing in a sense such as sight or hearing or […]

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Would You Believe?

It was recently revealed that Presidential aspirant and Florida governor Ron DeSantis is a majority stockholder in Jacksonville-based Kissy-Missy, Inc. Many Florida state officials and legislators have also bought stock in the company, as have a number of conservative religious leaders. Kissy-Missy is named for the new libido-boosting drug, kisspeptin, which the company is incorporating […]

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Blogging without Registering

When I first saw (on FacePlant) this denial of First Amendment rights, I thought it had to be a joke from a Russian bot. After all, it’s just the sort of thing a Russian dictator would want! But it’s real! See . So now we know–the Florida GQP is Russian agents. And I am […]

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Silicon Poetry

Not long after my first experiments in random text generation (a Basic program that pretended to be a psychic), a friend got into a squabble with the Maine State Arts Commission. He had applied to be a “writer in the schools.” Unfortunately, his credentials consisted of several science fiction novels, and the Commission was dominated […]

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Writing for Tomorrow–Then

In the late 1990s, the Internet was less than a decade old. Those of us who remembered the first fumbling steps toward it—dialing in to CompuServe and Genie , squealing modems, email that was batched at night when long distance rates were low (response times were a day at best, not seconds)—thought we were living […]

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You may have heard that investors are flocking to those parts of Florida wrecked by Hurricane Ian, hoping to grab real estate at fire-sale prices. Of course, they’re going to have trouble unloading what they buy. Smart people know that there will be more hurricanes just as bad–and worse. The devastated areas could be […]


Post-Roe Alternatives

I am one of the coeditors of: B Cubed Press is proud to announce the release of POST ROE Alternatives: Fighting Back, book 6 of the Best Selling Alternative Series. The book is available now on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback. The book is forty-nine uplifting works from Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Jane Yolen, Jim Wright, […]

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