Horror for the Throne: One-Sitting Reads

The book is now complete. Editors James D. MacDonald, Tom Easton, and Judith K. Dial have even delivered it to the publisher (Ian Randall Strock’s Fantastic Books), where in early 2020 it will join its predecessors SCIENCE FICTION FOR THE THRONE and FANTASY FOR THE THRONE on Ian’s dealer table at numerous conventions (as well as on his website at fantasticbooks.biz and on Amazon etc.). With luck, everyone will decide they just have to have the whole set.

8 thoughts on “Horror for the Throne: One-Sitting Reads

  1. In this time of pandemic, our publisher has the book all ready to ship and it’s on hold. If you are interested in a copy, leave a comment below and we’ll see what we can do to help you get one, ASAP.


  2. I asked, again. What I think may be possible is perhaps an e-edition only release? Won’t generate the sales that hand selling creates, but it’s better than no book at all!

    I sent the question, we’ll see if I get an answer. Haven’t before.


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