Throwing Shade

Tom Easton One of the scariest things about the climate change or global warming threat is that over and over again, the projections for the next few years seem to be too conservative.[1] If this continues, temperatures and sea level will go up more, and sooner, Antarctic ice will melt faster, there will be more […]

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Shine On!

Tom Easton We have known how to use solar energy for a long, long time. It’s as simple as facing a house to the south to catch the winter rays. If you want hot water, put a black-painted 50-gallon drum on the roof. Or take a long black hose and snake it back and forth […]

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If It Quacks Like a DURC…

Tom Easton That title may sound silly, but it has a point. DURC stands for “Dual-Use Research of Concern,” and it refers to research whose dissemination may permit people to do harm.  Some say that dissemination should therefore be restricted in some fashion short of declaring it “Classified” or “Top Secret.” Saying “If it quacks […]

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